Angry Birds Genesis

Remember the Sesame Street fairy tale?

So you must watch this:

Angry Birds Sesame Street

It’s very funny. When I have 6 YO i watched this show!

The best is genesis of Blue Angry Birds 🙂


Hello All Angry Birds Fun!!

Angry Birds

Hi All!

I’m Stephan (friends say me Steph so U can too!).
I’m from Kazachstan and I love game Angry Birds. My best is Blue Birds.

I want write some info about me and my all pasion (not only Angry Birds). I hope U will like my blog. Please comment my posts, write some about you.

If you find this blog probably U like Angry Birds too! Which platform you prefer? I play at all (iphone, macbook, Play Station) and i like play it online. Lastly I find site where i can play Angry Birds online.

Angry Birds – fun or addiction?

Do you think I’m addicted to Angry Birds? I treat this as a fun but sometimes I can not sleep if I have not play. 🙂

PS.: Sory for my broken english 🙂 I stay lerned it! Please be tolerant!