Angry Birds Pictures

When i search blogs about Angry Birds i find place with many interesting Angry Birds Pictures. I recommend it if You looking funny photos with birds! If you know more such places  I’m waiting for proposals! Enjoy This and have fun!


Hello All Angry Birds Fun!!

Angry Birds

Hi All!

I’m Stephan (friends say me Steph so U can too!).
I’m from Kazachstan and I love game Angry Birds. My best is Blue Birds.

I want write some info about me and my all pasion (not only Angry Birds). I hope U will like my blog. Please comment my posts, write some about you.

If you find this blog probably U like Angry Birds too! Which platform you prefer? I play at all (iphone, macbook, Play Station) and i like play it online. Lastly I find site where i can play Angry Birds online.

Angry Birds – fun or addiction?

Do you think I’m addicted to Angry Birds? I treat this as a fun but sometimes I can not sleep if I have not play. 🙂

PS.: Sory for my broken english 🙂 I stay lerned it! Please be tolerant!