Free Angry Birds

Recently we wrote about a new addition to the Angry Birds Seasons. Year of the Dragon. To the delight of all the players, this supplement has been published for free. On some platforms, the Angry Birds can also play for free. As even in Chrome. Want to know more about Free Angry Birds? Look at what the platform is free and where to get it? Go to the unofficial blog of Angry Birds fans.


Angry Birds Seasons Year of the Dragon upcoming

At January we will be able to play in the new update for Angry Birds Seasons. This update is called Year of the Dragon and aims to celebrate New Year in China. If you have already passed all the previous rounds of Angry Birds are certainly glad you this message. We are very happy!


If you want to learn more, watch the teaser, more information on how to download a new update, and when exactly will the new version of the game you have to visit this topic:


Angry Birds Seasons Year of the Dragon